Front Pocket and Bag

Discover the unique combination of our Front Pocket suitcase and a matching bag. Together in one set. The suitcase is made from eco-friendly German polycarbonate – a lightweight, aerospace-grade material that is nearly unbreakable. The Front Pocket has a uniquely integrated water-resistant front pocket that can easily take a laptop up to 16 inches, tablet and travel accessories without having to open the suitcase. Our bags offer the perfect packing experience and have a special sleeve that fits seamlessly around your suitcase.



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• Light and unbreakable shell made of recycled aerospace-grade German Makrolon polycarbonate

• Equipped with the gold standard and quietest Hinomoto Silent Run wheels made in Japan

• Uniquely integrated water-resistant front pocket so you can easily bring a laptop up to 16 inch, tablet and travel accessories

• The interior is finished with a durable and luxurious soft fabric made from 100% recycled PET

• The largest inside space in its class with extra perfectly aligned packing compartments

• All bags are water repellent on the inside and the outside

• The leather details of all bags are made exclusively of vegan leather

• All bags are equipped with a special sleeve so that it fits perfectly on top of our suitcases

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Front Pocket carry-on suitcase
Size: 55 x 35 x 22 cm
Volume: 39 L
Weight: 2.8 kg

Size includes full outside measurements including wheels.

IATA approved and approved on all major airlines.

Size: 42.5 (h) x 30 (l) x 13 (b) cm.

Size: 50 (l) x 25 (w) x30 (h) cm.

Fits seamlessly around every NORTVI suitcase.

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Front pocket
The special designed front pocket is water resistant and made to carry a 13 to 16 inch laptop. It also has two additional large compartments for other accessories such as your passport, headphones or books. The front pocket makes sure that you can effortlessly reach your most important items at the airport without opening your whole suitcase.
Silent wheels
Nothing is more annoying than hearing your suitcase wheels. That's why we went on a search to find the highest quality silent wheels. We equipped all our suitcases with Japanese Hinomoto wheels that have proved to be the most silent runners in the world so you can travel comfortably and don't get that awkward stare when rolling through the city.
Extra packing compartments
The inside of all our suitcases has a unique and distinctive design. It provides you with two large packing spaces that are equipped with special additional packing compartments. It's designed to create the most efficient packing structure for your belongings no matter where you go.
Durable & eco-friendly
Sustainability is one of our key pillars and we always strive to use as many eco-friendly materials as possible. The inner lining of your suitcase is made of 100% recycled PET bottles. The outside is made of strong and eco-friendly polycarbonate. This creates the perfect mix between sustainability and durability.
5 years warranty
We create travel luggage that lasts a lifetime and commit ourselves to only use the best materials. We want you to use your suitcase for the rest of your life and make sure you always receive the highest quality. Our travel luggage is thoroughly tested to make sure it passes all our extensive quality checks. That's why all suitcases come with a 5 year warranty.
Support wildlife
Together with us you go the extra mile. We fully commit ourselves towards a plastic free environment. As an official supporter of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) we donate for every made purchase and enable Flying Vets to rescue sea animals such as turtles and manta rays in the Coral Triangle to be treated against the consequences of plastic ingestion.


Our favorite model with an integrated pocket.

Our perfectly designed suitcase for those trips that need something extra. The suitcase is formed with a light and unbreakable shell made of recycled aerospace-grade German Makrolon polycarbonate. It is flexible and can absorb energy from impacts and spring back into shape – making it an extraordinarily resilient material. The Front Pocket model is made with premium materials of the highest quality and equipped with a sleek telescopic handle, TSA-approved lock and silent wheels.

The special designed front pocket is water resistant and made to carry a 13 to 16 inch laptop. It also has two additional large compartments for other accessories such as your passport, headphones or books. The front pocket makes sure that you can effortlessly reach your most important items at the airport without opening your whole suitcase.

Nortvi weekender bag beige
Nortvi weekender bag beige



Premium and Sustainable.

Our bags are hand-designed in Amsterdam and made with the best eco-friendly materials. The durable and luxurious water repellent fabric on the interior and the exterior is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The bags are streamlined for the ultimate packing experience and ideal for a weekend trip or your daily commute. With the special sleeve it seamlessly fits on top of your suitcase. Your ideal companion to make new memories.

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