It is our duty to create travel luggage that is used for a lifetime and commit ourselves to only use the best materials because we want you to use your suitcase for the rest of your life and make sure you receive the best possible premium quality.

Our travel luggage is thoroughly tested to make sure it passes our extensive quality checks. We believe in our products and therefore give a 5 year warranty on every suitcase. Please find the conditions outlined below:

Nortvi offers a five (5) year guarantee on all its suitcases against material and/or manufacturing defects that can cause problems with normal use. The guarantee is not aplicable in the following cases:

(a) If it concerns wear and tear as a result of normal use.
(b) If changes have been made to the product, including repairs not performed by Nortvi.
(c) If the original proof of purchase cannot be provided, has been changed or made illegible.
(d) If the defect or damage is the result of inappropriate or ill-considered use.
(e) If the defect or damage is the result of exterior causes.
(f) If the defect or damage is the result of intentional mistreatment, gross negligence or careless use and maintenance.

Should you wish to make use of your warranty, then we will try our utmost best to repair your product. If it is not possible to repair your product, we will provide you with a replacement item, subject to availability. If that is not possible, we will replace it with an item that has the same commercial value.

If an event covered by this warranty occurs, Nortvi will repair or replace your product within 30 days from receipt.

The warranty shall continue to apply to the repaired or replaced product, the original Warranty Period is not extended however.

If there is anything you would like to see improved or if we can help you with any special wishes or concerns, then please reach out to our customer service that will always be ready for you.

Nortvi’s customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 by phone: +31 85 8085 077 or by email: contact@nortvi.com. We will do our utmost best to rectify any possible complaint as soon as possible and to make sure you stay satisfied with our products at all times.

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